Three Customs Officers in an airport

To insure safety in the homeland of America, the U.S Customs has the equipment to do that from their weapons to uniforms, they are fully prepared to deal with a threat towards the U.S. While terrorism is a big problem, they need to be prepared for a situation were lives are on the line, so they are always prepared with the best



If you have ever traveled by ship or plane, you have probaly seen one of these officers. They are not the ones who screen you, they work at customs if you travel internationally, or if you don't they usually are on patrol. The standard uniform fo an officer is a dark blue shirt with two front pockets, dark blue pants with a black stripe along with black shoes. They wear their badge on the left side of the uniforms, and have patches on each of their shoulders which shows their rank. Hats are not usually worn, neither are sun glasses, but sometimes you might see baseball caps being worn. All acsessories, such as jackets and hats are ussually dark blue as well.

Ceremonial UniformEdit

795px-CBP Officers pay tribute 2007

U.S Customs officers in their formal outfits

The ceremonial uniform has the same dark blue color, same pants, and same shirt, just with a tie, but they wear a coat over it with many acsessories. A campaign hat is also a part of the uniform and it has a badge on it. They wear a high belt with all normal gear and a leather sash as well with their medals on top of their badge on the left side of the uniform. Instead of boot, shined leather formal shoes are added to the uniform to make it look better. Everything on the formal uniform has to be perfect because it shows the pride and integrety of the officer.



  • S&W .40
  • P200

Submachine GunsEdit

  • UMP45


  • M4 Carbine
  • M4A1 Carbine


  • Steel Baton
  • Pepper Spray
  • 37mm Gas Gun