The CGIS is the Coast Guard Investagation Service. CGIS functions as a police department which has jurisdiction of the USCG and foreign locations.


The CGIS looks into crime related within the U.S Coast Guard, conducts investagations on members, and counter terrorism operations around the world. They help keep the structure of the Coast Guard and the safety of the people serving within it. They also handle felonies commited by enlisted men and officers against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and enforce maritime laws on U.S soil, conduct protective operations, and conduct counter smuggling and narotics operations

The CGIS is a department in the U.S Coast Guard which conducts investagations on and assist other forces with counter-terrorism. They work closely with FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in doing this.

Drug smuggling is a topic in the CGIS that isn't treated lightly, they work closely with the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and the High Intesety Drug Trafficing Area Task Force in the fight to stop drug smuggling into the U.S and other countries within their jurisdiction.

They also specialize in reducing medical fraud through TRICARE.

Standard IssueEdit

All CGIS members standard issue is

  • SIG Sauer P229R DAK


  • SIG Sauer P239 DAK in .40 S&W


USA - Coast Guard Special Agent
The CGIS is composed of many different types of officers and agents and they are:
  • Enlisted Personell
  • Reserve Officers
  • Civilian Officers
  • Warrant Officers
  • Special Agents
  • Criminal Investagators
  • Counter-Intellegene Officers
  • Force Protection Officers